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Additional accommodations

Dear friends! For guests, spectators and fans of the competition will be available accommodation and meals at the sports park River Woods (competitions arena). The hotel has a number of different roominess. For more information, please contact us

Tula will take the first student world championship

Tula is a city in Russia; it is the administrative center of Tula Region (Tula Oblast). Tula is a hero-city (It is the honorary title awarded for outstanding heroism during World War II). The city is located in the northern part of on the Middle-Russian Hills on the Upa River 180 kilometers south of Moscow.



The accommodation site for WUSOC2016 is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘Republican Training Base ‘Oka’ (town of Aleksin in Tula Region) that is the first specialized training center for paralympic athletes in Russia. CISCA members, FISU staff and WUSOC2016 guests will be provided with a special hotel dedicated to FISU officials within the ‘Oka’ complex. (44...


  The area is represented by the valley side of the Oka River, cut by the deep ravines with the depths ranging from 1 to 30 meters. The altitude difference on one and the same ravine slope is up to 40 meters. 95% of the area is forested, mostly mixed forest with underwood. Embargoed areas The areas indicated...

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