Competition program

Competition program.  

Tue.9.02  Arrivals Training Center «Oka» ArrivalsTraining Center «Oka»
Wed.10.02 Arrivals Training Center «Oka»ModelTraining center «Zapolyariye»
Thu. 11.02   Sprint (10-12 min) Training center «Zapolyariye»WUSOC Opening Ceremony, Medal CeremonyTraining Center «Oka»
Fri. 12.02   Pursuit (25-30 min) Training center «Zapolyariye»Medal CeremonyTraining Center «Oka»
Sat.13.02  Rest-Day, Cultural program Tula, Yasnaya PolyanaModelTraining center «Zapolyariye»
Sun.14.02  Mixed Relay W+M 6 stages (stage 8 min) Training center «Zapolyariye»Medal CeremonyTraining Center «Oka»
Mon.15.02  MiddleMass-Start (40 min)  Training center «Zapolyariye»WUSOC Closing Ceremony, Medal CeremonyTraining center «Zapolyariye»
BanquetTraining Center «Oka»
Tue. 16.02  Departures  

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